How to do Smith machine Yates row

We can call it the machine version of the barbell row. The movement works all the back muscles.

How to do Smith machine Yates row

Exercise details

  • Main MuscleThere is no main muscle group in this movement. It works the entire back area.

Things to pay attention

  • We should grasp the bar at shoulder width with our fingers crossed under the bar.
  • Bend at a 45-degree angle where you feel most comfortable.
  • When you pull the bar upwards, you can hold it for 1.5 - 2 seconds.
  • As with any movement, we must exhale while pulling the bar. Negative, that is, when we release downward, we need to breathe.
  • After pulling the bar up, tighten the muscles in your scapula area.
  • Focus on pulling the movement with the elbows, not the forearm.