How to do Dumbell Lunge ?

This movement affects the thigh and hips a lot. You can put it as a 3rd or 4th movement in your leg training

How to do Dumbell Lunge ?

Exercise Details

  • Target Muscle : The target muscled in this movement are the "Gluteus Maimus, Quadriceps" regions. We can translate it into thighs and lifts.
  • Auxiliary muscles : Adductor Magnus, Soleus

Things to pay attention

  • We should bend our breasts up, when we bend, we should bend straight.
  • You can keep the weights slightly begind for balance purposes.
  • During the movement, our kneecap should not touch the ground. But if you have a hardtime, he may say to get support.
  • It would be better to train your legs in rows, for example, we have to do it with our left leg immediately after doing it with our right leg, so that we can work on both legs in turn.