How to do Dumbbell Lateral Raise ?

It acts on the front shoulder and side shoulder. It is an important movement to increase the strength in the shoulders.

How to do Dumbbell Lateral Raise ?

Exercise Details

  • Target Muscle : This movement mostly affects the "lateral deltoid" muscle, which is the target muscle. We can also call this a side shoulder.
  • Auxiliary muscles : Anterior Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Middle and Lower Trapezius, Serratus Anterior

Things to pay attention

  • While doing the movement, only our arms should be raised and we need to move our body as little as possible and stand upright.
  • We should not get into the weight we cannot handle. The movement should be in line with the elbow shoulder hand 3 as in the picture.
  • This movement can be done to gain volume as well as for continuity in strength. It will be better for those who want continuity in strength if they wait 2 seconds when they lift. The arousal rate will change accordingly.